MySchoolStuff is a platform where South African teachers (or anywhere in the world) can, collectively, build a resource for their subject, while interacting with like-minded individuals.

Want your students to have access to electronic resources?

No problem!
Use the wiki to collectively add text, youtube videos, slideshows, google maps, and any other creative resource to present your subject and the classroom and at home.

The structure is already been put in place. Simply add the meat.

Have interesting information and resources to share?

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Quickly and easily share information using the Simple or Advanced Content sharing form.
Or email the site to update content.
This information is sorted into categories making it easily found.

Created a killer worksheet, task or test you want to share?

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Easily upload your document and share your creativity. Documents are sorted into categories making them easy to find.

Need a public or private group to share ideas with like-minded individuals?

No problem!
Share ideas via a forum, share resources on a wall, comment on wall posts, and much more.

Want to run an online promotion for your school or community project?

No problem!
Provide a coupon code or unlock a download/link once your cause has been promoted. See the example below.

Need to promote and manage your subject conference?

No problem!
Have online application forms, maps to the venue, itinerary downloads and much more. 

Need more information?

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Feel free to make contact